In addition to saddle making, John has also crafted quality leather halter-bridles. John and Nancy have found that this type of bridle, with a detachable portion at the bit, provides easy quick removal of the bit from a horse's mouth, which is invaluable on trail rides for purposes of letting a horse drink from a stream or other water source, or for grazing, and has also proved helpful in putting the bridle on a horse (or mule!) when the animal may not be fully cooperative during the bridling process. After experiencing the benefits of "store bought" nylon bridle halters, but not being happy with the look, feel, and fit of them on their horses, John created his own leather version, far superior to the synthetic nylon version, and much more comfortable for the horse or mule. Only top quality fittings are used, typically solid brass; bit is not included.

A. Example halter-bridle in brown

      (split reins not shown)

B. Example halter-bridle in brown with solid brass fittings


Updated February 2016


*Please specify color (brown or black) when ordering.